About Us

My name is Hashim Ali and I am the founder of Bimason.
Bimason is a new startup which offers the 1 st fully assembled, calibrated, and
functional 3D printer ‘Made in Pakistan.’ 3D printing is the latest
technology offering a complete one-stop manufacturing solution from
concept to finished product.
The way we differentiate ourselves from the Global market is that we have
designed our 3D printer to be easier to use and more cost-effective when
compared to other complex and expensive 3D printer solutions available.

Our 1 st fully functional and tested 3D printer is called “X1”. This amazing device actually offers 3 solutions in 1 machine.

  1. 3D printing of any object using standard plastic input.
  2. Laser etching of text and design inscriptions on metal and wood
  3. Food based design printing (coffee and cakes).

The X1 is accompanied with Bimason’s own unique software application which makes converting ideas to tangible objects easy for any user. Our software accepts self-made designs and images and the X1 quickly converts this            information into a tangible plastic form.
We realize that the vast applications for 3D printing is increasing day by day, therefore we are open to provide solutions to all companies from all industries. Currently we are offering prototype services. With simply an image or parameters of a design we can produce an initial prototype of any product in plastic form in a quick timely manner.

Our goal is to become the Best 3D printer manufacturing and services
company in Pakistan. Please contact us for more details.

The 1 st Mason or Builder on Earth was Man, the 2 nd Mason or Builder on Earth is now Bimason.